Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fake Shark Real Zombie - Meeting People Is Terrible

Note: I wrote this before I went off on a Hiatus.

Fake Shark Real Zombie - Meeting People Is Terrible
1. Six Sick Suck
2. Avril Kadaver
3. Siamese Disease
4. Running For The Razors
5. Jewelry
6. Angel Lust
7. Horses In Heaven
8. Sestri Levante
9. Cherry Lava
10. Love Lice
11. Don't Forget
12. Meeting People Is Terrible

At first listen, you think "What in the hell kind of music is this?" After a listen to a few songs you realize, hey this is like a mathcore version of Mindless Self Indulgence. But that is true, and also false. Not all songs on the c.d. sound like that. It is a very unique sound I have heard from only a few bands. FSRZ has a pretty sweet variety of music, just on this one c.d. From listen you feel like you have been listening to different bands all together. I apologize because this review is all over the place. I guess it goes along with their music, but in a good way. I by no means am trying to put down any bands I review on this website. Here, you check them out at their myspace and let me know how you feel about their music. Also, I strongly suggest you check out the song Don't Forget, which is track number 11. It is an amazing seventeen minute long song, it is well worth the time. (Note: Well, it is listed as 17 minutes but has a good five or so minutes of silent time.) I would actually like to see a video produced for this song, the ideas are infinite.

Suggested Songs: Running For The Razors, Horses In Heaven, and Cherry Lava
FSRZ Links: FSRZ Myspace