Thursday, December 24, 2009

La Dispute Posts Downloads

The band La Dispute has posted up downloads of their EP's on their blog.

The downloads are free, unless you would like to donate. The donations, however, do not go to the band. They go to the Well House, which is a shelter for people in Grand Rapids (their hometown). Check out the Well House website at

From La Dispute's Blog:

'To those of you who are able to donate, I also want to stress that every dollar and cent donated to Well House will be used by the board and residents of Well House (there are actually 3 houses with 12 residents and 4 live-in staff members currently) to aid the funding of both the houses themselves (installing further solar panels, purchasing seeds and tools for produce farming, etc) as well as several fantastic and forward-thinking programs geared towards transitioning people with housing problems into self-sustaining, self-providing individuals. Rather than relying on government handouts and misappropriated programs that fail to address the housing crisis on its most basic levels, Well House provides a positive, communal environment for struggling people and families that addresses both financial and emotional need, all the while assisting in the general betterment of the community. I don’t mean to drag on or preach or anything, and I’m certainly not trying to guilt you into giving money, but, man, the place is so cool. I can’t stop talking once I start. People can be both extremes, I have a hard time remembering that sometimes."

This type of thing is truly a great thing to do. You do not have to donate, like they said. If you do, it goes for a great cause.

The stuff they have posted on the site for download are the following
Here, Hear
Here, Hear II
Here, Hear III
Untitled 7"
Winter Tour Holiday CD-R

You can download these at, the official La Dispute blog.

Image from the La Dispute