Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Swimming With Dolphins - Ambient Blue

Swimming With Dolphins - Ambient Blue
1. Silhouettes (ft. Breanne Duren)
2. Pajama Party
3. Sunset, 1989
4. Everything's A Miracle
5. Up In The Stars

Spawning from the roots of Owl City adding one more, Adam Young and Austin Tofte have created Swimming With Dolphins. While sounding very near to Owl City, I do not want this review to be a comparison between the two bands. Besides, I like Swimming With Dolphins more. Anyways. This c.d. is a very laid back, seemingly techno inspired type sound. In between the pulsing sounds and great lyrics, its hard to not like Swimming With Dolphins. In this c.d. there is ambient type noise, along with very popish synths. This music has a rhythm to it that makes you want to just dance. I highly recommend this to any of my readers who enjoy Synthpop or Ambient music.

Suggested Songs: Silhouettes, Pajama Party, and Everything's A Miracle.