Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nevershoutnever! - What Is Love?

Nevershoutnever! - What Is Love?
1. Love Is Our Weapon
2. Jane Doe
3. Can't Stand It
4. Sacrilegious
5. I Love You 5
6. California
7. What Is Love?
8. The Past

I have been excited about this C.D. since I first heard about it. This release is Christofer Drew's best album to date. When I say that I include all of his EP's. Upon hearing What Is Love? for the first time, I noticed a change in NSN's music. This new C.D. offers a great look into Ingle's life. Also, along with this new C.D. is that NSN is now a full band. No, I don't mean Eatmewhileimhot!. I mean Nevershoutnever. This by it's self is a big change, and has probably helped the music change. Why I like this C.D. is because of how raw and truthful Ingle is. He talks about leaving home, and his smoking habits [of cigarettes and weed] dating back to when he was 14 [and 16 for weed]. I hope that this is the start to a new chapter in Ingle's life, and his music just keeps on improving.

Suggested Songs: Sacrilgeious, What Is Love? and The Past.