Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Matt Hires

For #Musicmonday I decided to try something new. It is called Monday Spotlight. I will basically tell you about an artist/band who I have recently found, or just enjoy.

This week is Matt Hires.

I heard one of his songs on I was interested. After a listen or two of music on his myspace, I went out and got his CD. His music is a mix of folk-sounding, acoustic, and rock. His vocals remind me of Mayday Parade, mixed with Counting Crows, a interesting, but good mix at that. The guitar work is fairly simple, but it fits. As well as the drums and other instruments. A very good blend of music for any situation, and a great artist to listen to in the summer time. For only 23 years old, Matt Hires has a very good mood to his music, and will hopefully continue this trend.

Check out his music on his myspace or get his CD on iTunes.