Monday, September 28, 2009

Fear Before (The March of Flames) - Fear Before

Fear Before (The March of Flames) - Fear Before
1. Tree Man
2. I'm Fine Today
3. Fear Before Doesn't Listen to People Who Don't Like Them
4. Get Your Life Together
5. Jabberwocky
6. Everything's Not Shitty
7. Tycho
8. Bad Days
9. Stay Weird
10. Review Our Lives (Epic)

The first time I heard this band, they simply blew my mind. I had never heard anything just like Fear Before (The March of Flames).
Note: The reason I have The March of Flames in parenthesis is because they changed their name from Fear Before The March of Flames, to Fear Before.
One track that really stood out on this c.d. was the song Everything's Not Shitty. This song is just down to earth and raw. It also has great lyrics.
That is also another thing that stood out about this band, their lyrics. These are not just typical lyrics, but more like stories or something of the sort. For anyone who liked my Pianos Become The Teeth review, this c.d. is a must.

Suggested Songs: I'm Fine Today, Everything's Not Shitty, and Review Our Lives (Epic).