Sunday, September 27, 2009

Death Cab For Cutie - The Open Door EP

Death Cab For Cutie - The Open Door EP
1. Little Bribes
2. A Diamond and a Tether
3. My Mirror Speaks
4. I Was Once a Loyal Lover
5. Talking Bird (demo)

I sadly was ill-informed of the release of this EP which saddens me. Death Cab For Cutie is at it again working their music of epic proportions. Ever since their relase of Narrow Stairs, I was not sure that they could top that. But alas, they have yet again shocked me by making an EP that is better then ever. I later realized, these were recorded for the cd Narrow Stairs, but they did not match the feel of the c.d. They have lost none of their musical abilities, and Ben Gibbard specifically is sounding better then ever. Right here is a good list of songs when you are just going for a drive on a back road, or even hanging out with your friends just having a chill time. As all of the cd's I review, I strongly suggest this EP for any fan of Death Cab For Cutie.

Suggested Songs: Little Bribes, My Mirror Speaks, and Talking Bird (demo)