Saturday, November 28, 2009

Apollo's Child - Masquerade of Aspersions

Apollo's Child - Masquerade of Aspersions
1. In The Darkness
2. Starting Line
3. Let's Be Honest
4. Better Left Unsaid
5. Apology Neglected
6. Modern Trilogy
7. Recovering Insomniac
8. Run Away

Music beaming from the heart and soul of musician Sean Ryan, comes his project Apollo's Child. Does the name Sean Ryan sound familiar? You might know him from his covers of songs on youtube (Though he more recently made his videos private). His soft and meaningful voice just tear through the words to make the song ever so much more touching. In his EP Masquerade of Aspersions, you hear the sincerity of his voice, and also his musical creativity being that he is the only one in the band [playing piano, singing, and guitar]. This c.d. was just great for being a more unknown artist. I mean, he is not a one hit wonder, his music actually stands for something. Enough rambling about his musical talent and how great his musicianship is.

Want to hear this c.d.? Sean Ryan has posted the download of this for free on his website at

Suggested Songs: Starting Line, Apology Neglected, and Modern Trilogy