Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Joshua Radin - We Were Here

Joshua Radin - We Were Here
1. Sundrenched World
2. Star Mile
3. Everthing'll Be Alright (Will's Lullaby)
4. These Photographs
5. Closer
6. Today
7. Winter
8. Someone Else's Life
9. Amy's Song
10. What If You
11. Only You
Bonus Tracks
12. Only You (Imogen Heap Mix) (iTunes Bonus Track)

From first hearing about Josh Radin from his connections to Zach Braff [who directed his music video for Closer] and his song on Scrubs [the song Winter appeared on an episode], I was interested. After a listen or two, I was hooked. The acoustic guitar, stringed instruments, and so on, accompanied by his voice is just a stunning combination. His voice is just so soft, and his lyrics are so sincere, which rarely happens in most music in todays times. The surprising this is that this was his Debut c.d., but somehow he hit spot on with his sound. This music is great for a break for the Holidays. So, if you are out of music to listen to, then check out his music. I'm not going to go into much detail about the album itself, because his songs go from acoustic, to folk rock, to orchestral sounding. So not much I can say except that he makes it work, and his music is great.

Suggested Songs: Sundrenched World, Closer, and Winter