Saturday, December 19, 2009

NeverShoutNever! - [Hot Topic] EP

NeverShoutNever! - [Hot Topic] EP
1. Jane Doe
2. What is Love?
3. Big City Dreams (Live)
4. She's Got Style

Note: The reason that the words Hot Topic are in brackets is because that this EP is just titled EP, but is only sold in physical copy at Hot Topic stores. Just to get that out of the way. Also, this is how I type the name. He changed it like this back in 2008, and is how I prefer it.

This EP features b-sides from The Summer EP, live versions of songs, and songs from his upcomming debut c.d. titled What Is Love? which is set to come out January 26, 2010 [as of right now]. Jane Doe has been a demo for a while. This is the version [as far as I know] that will be released on his debut c.d.. This EP was a surprise to me. Not because he came out with a new EP, but the fact that all of his original songs, Big City Dreams, and She's Got Style, were recorded as a full band. If anything, this is his best EP progression wise. Don't get me wrong, all of his EP's have been great, but this one sets a new standard for his music. I can't wait for Ingle's debut c.d. for NSN. Also, check out the video for the song What Is Love? on his myspace. Or if you are lazy, click here.

Suggested Songs: What Is Love?, Big City Dreams (Live), and She's Got Style.