Monday, December 21, 2009

Team Sleep - Team Sleep

Team Sleep - Team Sleep
1. Ataraxia
2. Ever (Foreign Flag)
3. Your Skull Is Red
4. Princeton Review
5. Blvd. Nights
6. Delorian
7. Our Ride to the Rectory
8. Tomb of Liegia
9. Elizabeth
10. Staring at the Queen
11. Ever Since WWI
12. King Diamond
13. Live from the Stage
14. Paris Arm
15. 11/11

Hailing from the roots of the Deftones, singer and guitarist Chino Moreno is one of the main people in Team Sleep. Team Sleep mixes experimental, ambient, shoegaze, and trip hop all into one amazing combo. Between the pulsing drums, ghostly vocals and dreamy guitar riffs, Team Sleep could be the soundtrack to your dreams. While they only have one studio c.d. out, they have a few live and acoustic versions and also remixes. Team Sleep was also featured in the movie Matrix: Reloaded, with their song "The Passportal." Moreno stated in 07 that they would not be releasing a new c.d. until 2010. While that year is approaching fast, I can't wait until they release their second c.d.

Suggested Songs: Ever (Foreign Flag), Blvd. Nights, and Tomb of Liegia.