Saturday, December 5, 2009

Queen Sea Big Shark (后海大鲨鱼) - Queen Sea Big Shark (后海大鲨鱼)

Queen Sea Big Shark (后海大鲨鱼) - Queen Sea Big Shark (后海大鲨鱼)
1. 閃電大都會 (Lightning Metropolis)
2. 硬心 (Hard Heart)
3. 不!不!不! (No! NO! No!)
4. 老虎死跳舞 (Tiger Dance)
5. 親吻!乾掉!砰! (Kiss! Kill! BANG!)
6. 女猛獸 (Girl Boss)
7. 月亮上的人兒啊 (Man On The Moon)
8. 你好, 過去人! (Hello! Passengers)
9. 我想拉你的手 (Hold Your Hand)
10. 骯髒思想 (Dirty Mind)
11. 金錢笨蛋 (Money Fucker)
12. 姐妹女士 (Lady Sisters)
13. 走你 (Get Away)
14. 愛是熱門 (Love Is Pop)

First off, Yes the band is foreign which makes this a BYED first! I found out about them from, a great website. Queen Sea Big Shark is a band based out of Beijing, China. Their music genre is Surf, New Wave, and Dance-Punk. A very unique combination at that, but they make it sound good. While coming from China, their lyrics are in english. They were formed in 2005, making them pretty recent. Their music reminds me of Dead Kennedys with a hint of Joy Divison. They still have formed this genre to their own, as I have heard nothing like it before. After listening to a few of their songs [if you are like me] you should be hooked. I cannot use many more words to describe them. Check them out for yourself.

Suggested Songs: 閃電大都會 (Lightning Metropolis), 親吻!乾掉!砰! (Kiss! Kill! BANG!), and 你好, 過去人! (Hello! Passengers)
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