Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Is Emo?

The title is generic, but it's the best I can use to describe this.

In the world of todays music, genre's are tossed around like no one's business.
But have we forgotten the true meaning of a genre, or has music progressed so far that we cannot classify music.

I agree with both of those statements. We really have forgotten the meaning of a genre. Some people would not classify Led Zeppelin [most generic example] as a metal band. They actually are metal. Not today's metal, but still metal nonetheless. Their genre does not change, even the time does. We just have different standards.

But also many genre's have evolved into other genre's of music. You cant put too many bands in the exact same genre's of bands like The Number Twelve Looks Like you or so on. But honestly, I do not think genre's of music are enough to describe a band's sound. Sure, it does help me find music, but no band is exact to their genre. All bands tweak and tune their own sound to fit how they like it, which is good.

One thing I do not like is people classifying things wrong. Such as my Led Zeppelin reference. I also do not approve of people using the term 'Emo' unless it is 100% truthful. Whether it is in music, or with a person. Now, I leave this post with a video that breaks down what Emo music really is.