Monday, January 11, 2010


Last week was a very abstract week in my music.

Mirrored theory I really liked. I heard their (his) music in an Ask Swifty video on facebook. It is a really cool type of music with really catchy songs. Cold War Kids have been one of my favorites. I got more of their music, to hear their progression as a band. Nevershoutnever! made it on there with the new song lovesick. Romance On A Rocketship is just always a recommended artist to listen to, and is good for any mood. Karate High School has a great acoustic version of their song Good News and Bad News. Nine Inch Nails I listened to because of the release of their fan made dvd. Stephen Jerzak just gets me going and is a great mood-setter. Rush is always great to listen to, no matter the weather or mood.

So that is why I listened to each band in a nutshell.