Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Secret Secret Dino Club

This week is Secret Secret Dino Club.

Secret Secret Dino Club is a truly unique artist/band. From the release Up To No Good and Super Fun Party Songs! to Doin' My Own Thing, And Doin' It So Well, you can tell the diversity in Jayce's musical talent. The older releases of Secret Secret Dino Club were more Raps over beats, when the newer releases have a popish sound. The newer releases feature the guitar, when the older stuff was just beats and riffs. Don't get me wrong, All Secret Secret Dino Club is good, but in different ways. I strongly suggest his music to anyone.

Secret Secret Dino Club is current on tour and will be on stage at SXSW in Texas. Also, Mike Hindirt (the bassist of The Bravery) has a new record company, named Merrifield Records, and his label will have their own showcase on March 20th from 4pm-10pm at The Tiniest Bar In Texas. This showcase will star bands like The Royal Chains, Thee Lexington Arrows, and other bands from the new label. Do not miss your chance to see any of these bands. For more information on SXSW head over to

Listen to SSDC on