Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yelawolf - Trunk Muzik

Yelawolf - Trunk Muzik
1. Trunk Muzik
2. Stage Lights (Remix)
3. Good To Go feat. Bun B
4. Pop The Trunk
5. Box Chevy PT. 3 feat. Rittz
6. F.U.
7. Lick The Cat feat. Diamond
8. Speak Her Sex feat. Nikkiya
9. I Wish feat. Raekwon
10. In This Club
11. Love Is Not Enough
12. Mixin Up The Medicine (Remix) feat. Juelz Santana

First off, I have never done a review for this type of music, so this is a BYED first.

Coming out of Alabama, the rapper Yelawolf shows his lyrical talent and versatility. Mixed with heavy bass, insane lyrical skills, and catchy beats, this c.d. is a must for anyone who wants their trunk to rattle. I heard about this artist over on the Steve Meade Designs website (Link) when I was looking for some music with really low bass. After one listen to this c.d., I was very impressed. I play this nearly every time I get in my car. The bass is insane, nearly shaking my mirrors off. His raps are also insane, and also very creative. I think Yelawolf is one of the fastest spitting rappers in todays world. If you want to bump some loud music that is actually good, this is a must.

You can get this for free over at

Suggested Songs: Trunk Muzik, Lick the Cat, and Mixin Up The Medicine