Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Plug In Stereo - The Art Feeds EP

The Art Feeds EP
1. It Seems Like
2. I've Been Thinking
3. But I Can't

Not too long ago, I found Plug In Stereo. Instantly I went and downloaded it instantly from iTunes. His music is defiantly something you can relate to. It started out just being all him, but this EP adds touches to his songs, giving them a whole new feel. Some of the songs have drums and other instruments added. This EP gives me high hopes for the next few releases of his. His release Nothing to Something was his first song into this new sound. What I liked about this EP is that he released it for free [or if you want to, donate]. You can get it from the Plug In Stereo Bandcamp website at pluginstereo.bandcamp.com.
If you like that, then go get his other stuff off of iTunes.

Suggested Songs: All.