Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Juliana Theory - Live 10.13.2001

The Juliana Theory - Live 10.13.2001
1. To the Tune of 5,000 Screaming Children (live)
2. Duane Joseph (live)
3. Music Box Superhero (live)
4. P.S. We'll Call You When We Get There (live)
5. We're at the Top of the World (To the Simple Two) (live)
6. Understand the Dream Is Over (live)
7. Into the Dark (live)
8. August in Bethany (live)
9. Emotion Is Dead Pt. I (live)
10. If I Told You This Was Killing Me Would You Stop? (live)

The Juliana Theory..sadly I found out about this band after they broke up. This c.d. is one of my favorite live c.d.'s of all time, due to its raw energy, and uplifting feel. Plus, they are actually good [recorded] live.
All of the songs on this c.d. are just amazingly composed and written. You feel like you are almost there, from their talking back and forth on stage during intermissions. I honestly am at a loss for words on how to describe this c.d. For any lover of music that just makes you happy and want to be in a good mood, I strongly suggest this c.d..

R.I.P. The Juliana Theory 1997-2006

Suggested Songs: Duane Joseph, P.S. We'll Call You When We Get There, and Into The Dark.