Monday, September 21, 2009

Pianos Become The Teeth - Old Pride

I apologize if these first reviews are sloppy. I'm just getting back in the hang of writing reviews.

Pianos Become The Teeth - Old Pride

1. Cripples Can't Shiver

2. Filial

3. Jess And Charlie

4. Pensive

5. Prev

6. Quit Benefit

7. Sleepshaker

8. Young Fire

After first hearing this c.d., I was stunned. I had never heard music of this genre lift me off of my feet, and just make me feel great.

Pianos Become The Teeth is a five piece band from Maryland, who fuses together roots of post-hardcore with some instrumental and ambient sounds.

Their lyrics, along with their instruments are so raw, they just cut deep and give you a connection with their music. In the song Cripples Can't Shiver, there is a part in the middle of the song [from 2:45ish to 3:46] where a woman is speaking about her husband being diagnosed with an illness. This was a very unique style of breakdown, not like anything I had heard before.

The last song on the c.d. [Young Fire] has a very down pace type feel to it. It is very similar to the band Mogwai. (See the song Ithica Ø 27)

Suggested Songs: Cripples Can't Shiver, Pensive, and Young Fire.

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