Monday, March 29, 2010

It Is A Sad Day...

I started this blog as something to do in my free time to show my love of music and to help share it with other people. I did it for you all. But now the man has cracked down. Apparently, my BYED Mixtape #2 got reported for 'Copywrite Infringement.' So I got a nice e-mail from Blogger explaining what would go down. It was nothing big, but basically, I had to take down the post. No big deal. But it got me thinking. I could understand if it were a full album, but it is a mixtape. For promotional purposes only. What the hell?

But whatever, It's just been a rough day all in all, and getting this was not a great thing for me. I will trek on, I will keep on reviewing music, and posting links to as many free content as I can. I apologize for my inactivity. Senior year has been busy. Anyways, I hate to say this, but thanks to the person who reported it, I will no longer be posting BYED Mixtapes.

R.I.P. BYED Mixtapes
2009 - 2010